drives my soul.

There is nothing better for RECHARGING the life batteries than a great adventure.

Part of pursuing a life on fire includes taking adventures from time to time. I love to hike, climb, swim, ride, run, explore, and good old fashioned camping.

If you’re beat up and feel like you’re dying inside every day then you NEED to come with us on our next adventure. Some of them are long treks through the Nepal backcountry and others are short 1-2 day hikes to the top of a local mountain.

I am always looking for new fun things to challenge myself with and what better than to bring some other people along for the discovery!


Adventures, trips, excursions, and retreats that are designed to help you connect with your own heart.

With all my triathlon training and mountaineering, I have discovered that when you combine something physically demanding with personal reflection there is always a big moment that comes from it.

The ALIVE program is designed to bring out joy, happiness, and passions from within.

We are planning 1 local excursion and 1 large trip for the beginning of next year and will be adding more as time goes.

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Marriage is supposed to be an amazingly passionate adventure.

I created this program, for men only, to talk about what it takes to be wildly passionate about the one they married. We talk through what holds us back, and the steps to find the fire again.

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