I remember dying a little inside every day. Passions faded, and the light inside grew dim. How could this be? I was a worship pastor and I had a beautiful family. I was living in Hawaii and I worked for myself. How did I get here? Why can’t I feel the way I used to.

These were all the questions that swirled in my mind through the years of slowly fading from my former joy-filled happy go lucky self. I was raised with all the proper training and mindset. I knew how I was supposed to be but who did I want to be?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been stuck in places before. I have overcome financial struggles, marriage issues, parenting failures and weight challenges. To say overcome requires a bit more explanation. These are areas of life that we will always have challenges. Some will be easier than others, but the vast majority of our lives will be navigating these kinds of issues. As children grow and lives change so too will the challenges, but I have developed some life tools that will help get to the end feeling confident in a life well lived.

If you are struggling or stuck in any of these areas, I would love to help guide you to your own tools. I’ll share with you what has worked for me and guide you to things that I think will work for you. Having been a pastor for most of my adult life I have had lots of opportunities to work with people in various walks of life. There is one constant that I’ve noticed, it’s hard to see our own way out when stuck somewhere.

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    fundamental-book-photo-webEvery year magazines like Forbes release lists and write articles about the best companies to work for. On those lists is always some kind of a factor of enjoyment; how happy is the employee with their overall work situation and things like that.

    The reason these factors make the list is apparent to me; happy employees make for larger profits. It’s no secret that hiring an employee is expensive and sometimes equally as costly is the firing of an employee. What is a little less recognized is the cost of an UN-HAPPY employee. Someone who doesn’t look forward to coming to work will cost an organization big time.

    Let’s start with their typical Monday ( I know because I have been one of these before.) They roll out of bed a little too late because they stayed up way too late hoping the next day wouldn’t come. They rush to get ready and fight their way to work a few minutes late, but close enough not to get in trouble. The next hour of their day is spent sorting through what tasks remain unfinished, answering emails, and setting up the rest of their day. They get about 2 hours of work done before faking their way to the lunch break. Maybe the leave a little early, and come back a little late. When they get back it’s time to re-organize the rest of the day and handle the office social norms. They work off and on until 3:30 when they need a coffee fix which takes 30 min. Now they work for another 45 min so they have enough time to pack up and run out the door at 4:58 pm.

    So in 1 day of 8hrs paid work they complete 2hrs 45min of actual work time. That’s not including how they treat customers, other co-workers and talk about the managers and bosses behind their backs. They bad mouth the organization and complain about everything. They use every second of their paid vacation time and paid sick leave. They find ways to get overtime when they aren’t really working and they often times end up filing for unemployment or disability when they finally do leave.

    Compare this to someone who loves what they do for a living and enjoys working with a productive happy team. Sales numbers are better, costs are lower, customers and managers are happier. They work a full 8hrs and if they are a little over they are likely not to report the overage.

    The difference is simple. People who are struggling with their own self-esteem and family life will find it difficult to buy into a vision for a company that is only interested in company growth.

    I wrote the book on having fun, and there is something that I’ve noticed that stands above all when it comes to happy people and that is when someone is passionate and has good habits success follows them.

    I love to help organizations right the ships and solve inner conflicts. Ultimately what I do is increase the bottom line but the goal is people. I help people come alive and do their jobs with a renewed vigor and sense of belonging.

    I have several different ways that I can help so contact me here if you would like to open a discussion.