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My name is Ryan and I have owned a Magazine, ran a Radio Station and worked in Television. One thing that has been consistent through all three is that marketing is the same across the board. The only difference was the people who learned to use each medium correctly did well, and those that didn’t only spent money.

The Internet is it’s own medium with thousands of potential outlets and knowing how to navigate it will determine weather you make money online or just spend money.

Key #1 Strategy

Without the proper strategy you will just be hoping people come and buy from you.

Key #2 Targeting

The shotgun method has never been very effective in marketing. You need to pick a target and find the best way to get to that one target. The others will also come along the way.

Key #3 Systems

You must have systems in place to keep pushing your target to the next step. Eventually they will buy or go away, but we don’t want to let them get stuck in indecision.

If you are a brick and mortar store and you need more faces in the door, then we have the appropriate tools for you. If you are an online only product and you need more exposure, then we have the tools for you. We’ve built hundreds of websites across lots of industries.

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We have developed a 6 part online marketing system. This package includes training for that system and implementation. We know how frustrating it is to be taught a program and not have the necessary tools to implement it. We provide the system, the tools, and the labor.

Lead Generation

PPC, Facebook Adv, Google Adv, ClickBank, Paid Traffic, Social Media etc…

Lead Capture

Sales Pages, E-Books, Audio Downloads, Video Series, Blog, etc…

Lead Tracking

Infusionsoft or other Automated Marketing systems

Lead Conversion

Nurture Campaigns, Re-Targeting, Social Proof

Referral Program

Online, Offline, Mobile


Strategic Up-Selling, Cross Product Sales, Joint Ventures

This is just a small list of potential items that the internet has to offer. We will help put together a strategy that works for you, then teach you how to use it, then create all the necessary tools, then implement them for you. Once we are done we even offer a management program to handle it all for you.


Online Marketing Roadmap Package Starting at $3,000