Fundamental: The Transforming Power of Having Fun


This is the story of how making fun a priority leads to good health, a strong marriage, happy kids & a life of abundance.

As a special MAHALO to all of you who helped make me a best-selling author, I am offering a signed copy of the book at a special price to the first 100 people!

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The world doesn’t need more people to fall in line, it needs people to come alive! This book is for everyone who has ever felt like they are dying inside a little at a time. For those who find themselves wondering if there’s something wrong with them when everything around their world seems to be in good order: a decent job, the kids are doing ok, and a marriage that kind of works. This is for the those who have ever felt under-appreciated, overworked, and out of their league. This is for the those who feel like life is happening to them and they are not in control of the outcome.

You Get One Shot At Life!

“I could feel myself slipping away slowly. The pain of being less connected and less in tune with my own passions was becoming real. It was like I was a machine. Work, work, work, go home, kiss the wife, yell at the kids, go to bed. Where had the happy guy gone? Where was that love for life that I remember? Who am I? How did I get here? Do I matter? Does anyone care?”