There are 2 kinds of VALUE. Internal value and external value.

Internal value is never in question and is priceless. You were created for greatness and there are no actions you can do to reduce your internal value.

External value is your greatness in action. That is the value you bring to those around you. The more of your greatness that is acted upon, the bigger your external value becomes.

No one person is greater than the other. We all have equal value internally. Everyone is capable of revealing their inner greatness to themselves and ultimately the world around them.

Goals are things that we think are attainable, and if you reach your goal you haven’t done anything great. You’ve simply lived up to your current potential.

When you dream, however, and reach for the stars; the accomplishments that come forth are your GREATNESS in action. The more times you do something that is beyond what you thought possible, the more your external value increases.

So, DREAM…you must dream.

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