Finding Purpose

What do you want to be when you grow up? A question that sometimes goes 80 years without an answer. The pressing theme in life is clearly the discovery of purpose. What is the meaning of life? Yet another question that can go a lifetime without answer. Many have attempted to answer but few have given satisfactory responses.

The last frontier will always exist. It is mankind’s search for purpose. Some of the best selling books of all time have been about purpose, meaning, and identity. It’s no wonder that the world is in such a huge identity crisis. The pursuit of happiness is at an all time high and at the same time suicide is at an all time high.

In a world where Pain is public, and failure is treated as an identity crisis or worse it’s celebrated instead of a growth moment. The youth complain about everything, and are fighting harder than ever to fit into a world that doesn’t really want them to be themselves. Instead the world wants them to be something different. If you’re a man, your a girl, if your a girl you’re a dude. Toughness is celebrated in women and sensitivity is required of men. Never before has the world been at war with the core meaning and existence of a person like it is today.

So What do I need?

I need to matter. I need to know that life isn’t in vein and that if I push and fight and continue forward that it even matters.

You see, life isn’t a series of events, it’s just life. The meaning of life is to live. My purpose in this world is to be alive and live to the fullest. That doesn’t mean partying and living a life of wanton pleasure. It’s simpler than all of that.

I snuggle my kids while they will let me do it.

I dance with my wife every opportunity I get.

I take life in stride, the good the bad and the ugly.

I sing because I like it.

I believe in God because he believes in me.

I swear because it stirs me up.

I choose not to be offended because I deserve to be happy.

I stop and smell the roses because they smell amazing and I might not get to do that again.

I will not conform to what I’m expected to be.

I will treat people the way I expect to be treated.

I will explore the world because it excites me.

I will lead other people to the where I’ve found peace, joy, hope, and purpose.


Because, that is life. We are here for such a brief moment, and even our great deeds only echo forward a few generations. I will leave a legacy because it’s fun, not because I need it to  matter.

I know that I matter.

I know that I am here to live today as though it was my last one on earth.

I know that receiving the world as it is, right wrong, or otherwise is worth it.

I know that I need to enjoy the journey of life, the pain, the pleasure, and the purpose.

I know that I am loved, wanted, accepted, approved, seen and heard.

I know that relationships matter because people matter.


What is the meaning of life? Live.

Follow your passion and do the things that are in your heart to do. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start now and if it get’s boring then make a change. Are you living your life or is life living you?

Go and eat your bread with happiness and drink your wine with a cheerful heart for God has already approved your life.

Choose wisely because you only get one shot at life.


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