How do I say what I have on my mind without hurting your feelings?

Feelings are important.
My feelings.
Your feelings.

Feelings are as much a part of our makeup as anything else that we identify with. To say that they don’t mean anything is to deny a part of who we are.

They are often times, however … liars.

What you feel, emotionally, is not always aligned with what is right, good, or factual; and here’s the catch, they don’t have to be.

So how do you value feelings without giving them power or control over your life.

When you know the right thing to do but you don’t feel like doing it what do you do?

When you have emotions or feeling that generate NEEDS for yourself how do you provide for the need without losing what SHOULD be done.

Where is the balance?

Where is the line that you don’t cross?

I don’t have an answer but I can tell you this… VALUE PEOPLE.

We do the opposite of our feelings all the time and the difference is the circumstance.

If your child throws up all over their bed at 3am you get up and deal with it regardless of wether you FEEL like doing it or not.

Or when you are emotionally crushed because of something awful in your life, you keep on pushing because…well, you just can’t give up.

So what do you do when someone treats you like dirt because of the color of your skin or your beliefs or your weight or pick your pre-judgment…


Suck it up.

People are mean and awful and hurtful and angry and most of the time it’s just because someone was exactly the same to them.

If you are pushed around, passed over, and laughed at … so what!? It doesn’t make it true or right and it doesn’t make you less valuable.

Yes, it’s hurtful. Yes, you don’t deserve it. You are right in believing that it should not be that way.

Life is not what happens to us, it’s what we make it.

The more we focus on the bad that’s in the world, the more bad will come to us.

Guess what? For every mean person out there, 10 more are nice and beautiful and gracious and caring.

For every person who treats you poorly there are 10 more willing to be nice and helpful and stick up for you.

When you feel like you are stuck in a situation that you CAN’T get out of it’s simply because you have quit looking for the answer or worse, you have lost all hope.

Life is tough, and life is hard and life can kick you down.

But you know what else?

Life is beautiful, and life is wonderful, and life is worth living!

There is always an answer, and there is always a way.


There is no legislation, program, or service that will protect you from haters.¬†Continue to fight for what’s right because that is good, but…

There is no way to avoid it.

Some of you feel that you are worse off or in a worse situation than others… maybe you’re right.

But don’t let ‘maybe’ keep you from fulfilling your passions.

Go out there and do the impossible, fight the odds, and win!

There are stories of this happening all over the world in all walks of life and in every situation.

If people treat you awful because you’re black… we have a black president so what’s your excuse?

If people treat you awful because you’re gay… There are top level athletes, artists, doctors, ceo’s, and billionaires that walk that line.

If people treat you awful because you’re a woman or a man or both there are many people that you can point to and admire who have done some of the greatest things in human history.

It doesn’t mean you won’t hurt along the way. It doesn’t mean you won’t be held back or treated poorly. It doesn’t mean that your situation isn’t worse than others. It doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve better. You do!

There is, however, no excuse big enough to keep you from achieving your dreams.

You can do whatever you put your mind to.

And if this offends you or you have a different opinion than me, keep it to yourself and stay stuck. Being offended is 100% a choice!

For me and my house we are going to GO GET IT!

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