The HAPPYEST Day of the Year

Today is possibly the Happiest day of the year! Why? Because today the #1 word in the world is Happy – “Happy New Year”. Today the entire world is shouting for us to be happy. Happy that it’s a new day, happy that it’s a new year, happy that you get to “forget” about the pain from 2014 and look forward to an amazing year.

Today is the the most positive, optimistic day of the year. Today is my day!

So for those who don’t normally use the word happy in their daily vocabulary….HAPPY 2015! Enjoy every minute of it. The blessings, the challenges, the ups and the downs. This is your life what do you want to do with it this year?

I’m not always happy, but when I am, life is a daring adventure to discover! Enjoy where yours takes you this year!



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