The Truth About Calories Revealed, and You Won’t Believe It

The truth about calories is….

Ok, I need to start a little further back.

Our bodies need food. Not just any food will do. We need Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids…. and yes CALORIES.

Without calories we would die. SOOOOO what’s the big deal with getting too many calories. I mean if you have too many vitamins, your body just flushes it out. If you get too much protein your body sends it packing, literally – constipation, stomach problems, heart burn, acid… you get the point.

So WHY are we taught that too many calories makes us FAT.

For the longest time we were told that fat is the main cause of fat. But, high school biology debunks that. Fat comes from sugar.

We are also told that heart disease comes from too much of the wrong cholesterol but that’s not entirely accurate anymore either. Once again the main cause of heart disease is sugar.

We are taught that the reason we are overweight is because we consume too many calories per day. But, that’s not entirely accurate either.

I’m going to debunk this right now. Yes it’s true garbage in means garbage out. If you eat garbage food then your body deals with it like garbage. FOOD however, IS NOT THE ENEMY.

The myth of calories keeps us stuck in diets that will help us lose weight but are IMPOSSIBLE to maintain.

Here’s some simple math for you

Item A = 95 calories – 25g Carbs

Item B = 79 calories – 14.7g Carbs

Based solely on this information which do you choose to eat? WELL according to what we are taught by…everyone, you have to choose ITEM B.

Item A: 1 Organic Apple – Item B: 1 Piece of White Bread….

Now pick your jaw up off the floor because here’s the truth of it. The health difference between these 2 things has nothing to do with the Calories.

You could eat apples all day long and not gain 1 pound of excess weight (well that’s not 100% accurate but you get my drift).

Here’s 1 more for you…

Item A = 184 calories – 40 Carbs

Item B = 262 Calories – 27 Carbs

Item A: is 1 1/2 cups of Coco Puffs – Item B: is 1 small Kale Salad


Hold Back the Pitchforks Until the End Please

The truth is, that calories are not our problem. The difference between these are simple good nutritious foods and junk foods.

IF you eat good healthy food that is full of nutrition then your body will be satisfied and you won’t eat too much food. You also won’t crave the junk (as much 😉 ).

The truth is, you are told that you need to restrict your diet and sweat your butt off to be thin but that just isn’t true either.

Often times we eat because we are sad, depressed, angry, hurt, stressed, etc.. We comfort ourselves with food. In those moments often we make poor choices like sweet foods or alcohol. Both HIGH in calories, but the danger with those isn’t that 1 bowl of ice cream has 500 calories or that 1 beer has 150 calories it’s that we don’t eat 1 bowl of ice cream and we don’t have 1 beer.

The danger is, because we haven’t developed the tools to cope with the reason WHY we are eating, that we just gorge ourselves on horrible food for our bodies. I’m fairly certain no one is stress eating their way through 3 bowls of kale salad.

Here’s one more calorie truth as well. 1 Stick of celery costs more calories to digest than it contains so you could eat 10,000 calories worth of celery (ummm you probably shouldn’t try this) and your body would be calorie deficient.


The Final Word on Calories

Do yourself a favor and stop counting calories, just consider calories. What I mean by that is, an empty calorie is what’s in coco puffs; a bunch of junk, sugar, and non-nutrient calories. A better assessment is to determine the nutritional value of the food you are consuming. Eating 400 calories worth of Kale Salad for lunch is a good decision and it’s really not possible to over eat your way to gaining weight with that choice.



If you’re on a counting calories diet, I don’t want to encourage you to quit doing that. Instead, start a program that helps you determine why you are eating the wrong things and why you’ve been stuck for so long. You can keep doing your diet if it’s working for you, but you will need to add a program to it to help you stay successful.

Obviously I have one that you can use but if not mine then find someone else who can help.

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