Using The Law of Opposites to Get What You Don’t Have

Something crazy about this world is that opposites attract. It’s a fact. Positive and negative magnet sides attract, Positive and Negative ion’s attract until they are balanced. Electricity works because there is a flow of + and – happening. Even your air conditioner works because of opposite forces are reacting and interacting producing your desired result.


I have found that the areas that we are deficient could use some love to help balance us out. Example:

My oldest Son was absolutely horrible at looking for things. I mean it could be sitting right in front of his face, and even in his hand and he still couldn’t locate it. It was so bad, that we kind of half heartedly joked about it with him (*shaking head*). Until one day I noticed that it really hurt his feelings ( I know, duh Dad). So I decided to come at this issue in the opposite spirit. Even to the point where I would stick up for him, defend his honor as it were if someone commented negatively about his finding ability.

I would say things like, “Zeke is great at finding things” ( a total lie at the time ). Or, “Zeke can find anything, let him look for it”….then we would wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. Until one day something amazing happened. He found something!

Every time after that he would get better and better at finding things. And I continued to encourage him at it. Until one day, he really was great at finding things. Now I ask him to help me look and he does great at it.


My point is this, what things in your life do you feel you stink at? Doesn’t matter what they are. Technology? Relationships? Anxiety? Food? Life???

How often do you tell your self and other people about how bad you are at that thing? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t stink at it anymore?


Do it! I mean it, start telling your self the truth about who you will be. After years of helping people work through their life issues, I have found one thing to be true. We are who we make our selves to be. Circumstance doesn’t change us, might affect us, but doesn’t change us. If we are bad at technology it’s because we haven’t had the proper time with it along with the proper encouragement.

This may seem a little strange but if we consider that the entire world really does work on polar opposites it make total sense to do and say the things that aren’t as though they are…. until they become reality.


P.S. Side note, this is not intended to be a ra ra if you think it then it will be speech, because that’s only part of the equation. The real magic happens when we take action on the things we are saying and doing.

I believe anyone can change their world for the better 30 days at a time.


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