Why Oprah is So Excited About Bread…and Why She Will Fail Again

Here’s the lie that you have been SOLD by the diet industry…. ‘food is your enemy and calories are their weapon’.

You have been told that in order to lose weight permanently you have to STOP eating the things that you love, that you have to give up your comfort foods and change how you were raised. You are sold, packaged, labeled, and marketed to that your enemy is food and that you are it’s slave.

You are told that in order to get what you truly want, need, deserve, that you must deny your urges and tell your body to shut up….

You are told that you were born wrong and that you have to do and be more than other people.

You are told that you’re just lazy and that you don’t have the willpower that other people have.

You are being lied to.

Oprah went on social media to shout from the rooftops that she is allowed to eat bread and yet she still lost weight!

oprah bread tweet video

oprah bread tweet video

She went on television to tell you how excited she was that her diet allowed her to eat bread. The joy on her face was genuine, and I know exactly why she was so excited.

I know many people who have counted calories to their successful weight loss, but I only know 1 person who ever kept it off and how he kept it off had nothing to do with a diet.

Oprah will fail yet again with this diet for this 1 reason….DIETS CAN’T WORK FOR PERMANENT RESULTS!

You know this is true. Think of how sick you feel when you see some crazy diet fad or when you know you’re being marketed at to lose weight. Remember the shame when you failed and gave up and then tried again and failed and gave up and……….

3 Reasons Diets Cannot Work:

  1. They fail to address the real problem!
  2. They make you into a victim and anyone worth half their salt will tell you that you can’t win coming from the place of a victim!
  3. They take away your only true ally in your journey to weight loss freedom!

Unfortunately for Oprah, she will fail once again…unless she finds her freedom, her why, and her value.

Her value!? She’s one of the richest people on the planet!

Let’s start with #3: Food is not your enemy

Your body needs food for fuel. In fact the only way to actually get thin and stay thin is by using food to your advantage. Perhaps you have never been taught the right way to use food but food is your friend not your enemy.

The reason Oprah was so excited was because Weight Watchers didn’t take away her best friend. It didn’t remove the only comfort that she has when she feel stressed, overworked or under appreciated. Unfortunately that system still puts food in the dog house. You’re only allowed to eat it in short supply, so yes she ate bread but at the cost of eating something else. And until you develop a healthy relationship with food you will still make bad food choices.

This brings us to #2 The Victim

A diet says food is your master and that you have to do/act/be a certain way in order to lose weight. The truth is the only way you will ever KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF is by making food your servant.

I say it all the time, “You are not what you eat, you are WHY you eat.”

Why do you make the decisions that you do about food. Why do you choose to eat the stuff that “Comforts” you. Why do you “Need” to eat when you are stressed or depressed. Notice I never asked about your choices or what you eat. The reason that you are eating is more important.

We can all agree that eating a box of double stuffed oreos is BAAAAAD for you but the diet industry never stops you to ask ‘WHY’.

The #1 reason diets cannot work is because they fail to address the REAL PROBLEM

Why do you need the comfort food to begin with? What’s going on inside that you need the comfort that this food gives you….

Why are you stress eating to begin with?

Why don’t you feel appreciated?

Or perhaps the why is simpler… I chose to eat at McDonalds because it’s fast and convenient and I don’t have time…

Once you can take your WHY’s and understand them, then you can use food as your ally.

Let’s use the McD’s statment…. I ran out of time because I didn’t prioritize my own health and well being over that of my job. I am now choosing this option because I didn’t plan what I was going to eat today. Instead I left it up to chance. Tomorrow I will make a better plan and take care of ME…I’m worth it.

You see, the second statement owns your choices and takes away the VICTIM card. It puts you in charge, not food and ultimately gives you the freedom to eat the McDonalds without shame.

No Shame means, no guilt, no guilt means you will make a better choice the next time.

If you want to get more of this, I created a 4 video training series using this process to achieve my own personal weight loss success.

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