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My Second Favorite “S” Word – Syncopation

The Key To Enjoying Life is SYNCOPATION!   Probably the question on everyone's mind right now unless you are an avid musician is “What is Syncopation”? Syncopation is a musical term that refers to the beat of a song doing something unexpected. For example if you hear, da dum, da dum, da...

Man riding motorcycle in  highway. Top view
The Fun Guy

As long as I can remember I've been the fun guy. My mom used to call me Mr. Happy, and I was quoted in a magazine at 12 years old saying, "Why would anyone think negative when they can choose to think positive." If I go far enough back, I had a rough go....


To say that someone is fearless is a bit misleading but stick with me for a moment and I'll explain what I mean. Fear is what happens to everyone when faced with a situation that is either unknown or known to be worth fearing. For example, if you have never surfed...

Silhouette Fisherman in action fishing .
Teach A Man To Fish

"Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime." Can anyone disagree with this statement? One man might argue that all men deserve fish simply because it's their right as a human being to eat fish. Another might oppose that and say,...

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This Article Might Scare The BLEEP Out Of You

"It's easy to be afraid.  You have to let fear go.  Another lesson is you just have to believe in yourself, you just have to.  There's no way around it.  You've got to believe in yourself.  No matter how things are stacked against you, you just have to every time." ...

3 Simple Steps to Success

1. Work harder than everyone else 2. Change the things that aren't serving you 3. Be passionate about the things that aren't serving others....

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How Stress Can Be The Greatest Gift

We AVOID Stress at all costs! We remove things in our lives that cause stress. We get divorced, quit our jobs, complain, and make our selves sick, because of stress and trying to avoid it. Stress is a major cause of illness from cancer to auto-immune diseases. Stress causes PTSD, depression, chemical imbalances, etc...